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OUR recruitment process

IS as easy as 1, 2, 3

We’re not just in the business of finding the right candidate, we’re responsible for developing and nurturing them. We do this using a simple three-step process. Firstly, a dedicated industry-specific consultant will get to know your brand, its culture and the personalities behind it, understanding which candidate persona is perfect for your role(s). Secondly, the same consultant will use digital technology, combined with their industry knowledge and expertise, to create a shortlist of suitable candidates. A third (and often parallel) step in our process is to develop candidates' skill sets on our books, ensuring they’re ready to interview as soon as you give the go-ahead.

Our cost-effective, three-pronged approach ensures you get targeted results quickly. As you can imagine, what looks simple is anything but! We carry out a detailed, staged process behind the scenes, removing all the hassle of your recruitment process. Whether you’re looking for permanent, interim or temporary staff, the same thorough process applies, allowing you to select whichever steps suit you. If you’re tired of coming up against the same old recruitment challenges – lack of knowledge, lack of clarity, lack of real options, high expense – our fresh take on recruitment might be for you.





You’ll be assigned a dedicated consultant with specific industry knowledge to carry out an on or offsite review of your business. The review gives them a true understanding of your brand, its culture and the personalities behind it. Investing a small amount of time in consultation often paves the way for a successful long-term partnership.


Your dedicated recruitment consultant will collaborate with you to outline what you’re looking for regarding the role(s) on offer, and the type of person you believe is best suited to fill it. Have you ever employed someone whose people and professional skills are unrecognisable from their CV and interview? A job analysis will save your team a LOT of time in arriving at an informed decision.

Getting to know you & Understanding Your Needs

Your consultation can be done over the phone, via video call or face-to-face. You and your consultant may take a series of interactions to build a relationship that works for you. We are friendly, approachable and straightforward, getting to know your business and its culture.

We’ve probably recruited for most roles in your industry and know the recruitment landscape inside out. But rather than work from a formulaic template, we get to the bottom of what you need as a business, adding details that attract the right talent.


At this stage, your consultant will happily create a job description and job specification on your behalf, removing the need for your team to administrate the task. Think of all those hours saved by handing the keyboard over to administrators with daily experience of the task – and hundreds of examples to fall back on.


Once you’ve approved your job description and spec, we can post it on all the well-known digital job boards, given your go-ahead. Your dedicated consultant is well-versed in uploading and managing vacancies and already has logins, making the job quick and painless. Instructing your team to do the same usually results in more time spent on the same task as they get to grips with multiple systems or, worse still, results in only one or two listings because of a lack of administration time.


We’re up to speed with all the latest platforms and know what it takes to create a high-performing ad. We combine your specific requirements with industry standards to ensure that your job description captures interest from the right people.

We work with all the major job boards daily, so uploading and managing your vacancy is second nature. Given your go-ahead, our experienced team can have your job online in minutes, coming back to you with regular progress updates.


This step is simple. We vet potential candidates, so you don’t have to. We appreciate how much time employers waste on interaction with unsuitable applicants. Unlike your in-house staff, we are already in contact with a pool of potentially perfect recruits. If we don’t have the person you’re looking for on our books, we’ll make it our business to find them.


We pre-screen all our candidates to ensure they’re ready to conduct themselves professionally at interviews. We meet them face-to-face or by video call to get a feel for the ‘real’ person. Interview assessment gives us the insight to progress the candidate to the next stage or to offer further personal and/or skills development advice that improves their chances of success in the future. You’re unlikely to waste your time during an interview by working with us.


Just as we get to know you, we also get to know our candidates. By understanding the wants, needs and personalities on both sides, we can focus on the right people match and not just what works on paper. We do this over the phone, email and video call.

We never throw anyone in at the deep end because it’s not a good use of anyone’s time. We make sure all our candidates are fully prepared for interview and ready to answer any questions you want to throw at them!


Interview analysis gives us confidence that our candidates will perform well at interview, but they still need to turn up on the right date and at the correct time! We take all the administrative stress out of interview planning by liaising with your team and our candidate, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.


Communicating feedback gathered from our clients and candidate is an important part of our process. On both sides, we can answer further questions, provide more context, appease any reservations or, in worse-case scenarios, give constructive criticism. Professional and personal development is critical to the success of our operation, and we liaise with sensitivity and respect at all times.


On receipt of a job offer for one of our candidates, a final administrative task we can help to eliminate from your team’s workload is referencing. We are happy to follow up on references with previous employers and provide feedback accordingly. We offer prompt service to ensure the recruitment process continues without downtime.


The recruitment process can be laborious and prompt communication helps to speed things up on both sides. Whether our candidate is successful or not, we feed back to them on your behalf, taking the onus off you as the employer to deliver the news.

Those final administrative details are often the headache your team can do without. We take care of references, so you don’t have to. Our aim is throughout is to reduce the impact on your time while delivering the best results. Many clients choose to work with us again and again due to this approach!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to advertise with you?plus icon

    It doesn’t you a penny until the recruitment process is complete and the successful candidate has started their placement. We will invoice you on the day their employment commences, and the simple fee structure in our T&Cs is straightforward.

  • Do I get my money back if the Candidate leaves?plus icon

    We don’t like to boast, but it is very rare that we have a situation when a candidate doesn’t work out. However, we are only human, and these things do happen! So, we offer full peace of mind by having a 12-week rebate period in place. We also offer a free replacement should the candidate leave during their first 12 weeks.

  • If a temporary worker is unsuitable, do I still have to pay for them?plus icon

    Sometimes, a temporary worker isn’t suited to your business (although, again, we’re pleased to say this is a rarity!). So, there will be no charge if you advise us of their unsuitability within the first 4 hours of their assignment.

  • How do I know if you’ll represent my company correctly?plus icon

    We visit all our clients’ workplaces to ensure we have a full and thorough understanding of your business, your culture and the type of people you employ. It’s our duty to ensure that we portray you in the right way and, ultimately, match you with suitable candidates.

  • Can I work with more than one agency if I want to?plus icon

    Of course, you can! It’s completely your decision. We’re confident you won’t need to work with anyone else; we offer a reduced rate for exclusive opportunities.

Still want to know more about our process?
Contact Kelly for commercial enquiries and Lynn for logistics enquiries


Kelly Smith

Highly experienced REC-qualified commercial recruitment director, Kelly, has a hand in most operational aspects of the business. In recruitment for over twenty years, Kelly is professionally qualified in professional competence and leadership and management. She is focused on developing and enhancing Juice Personnel services to improve the client and candidate experience. She’s the perfect person to speak to you if you’re ready to begin your recruitment process and would like advice on how to get the most out of the Juice Personnel Service. 

Contact Kelly if you’d like a friendly, informal chat.

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Lynn Mortimer

One of the most experienced REC-qualified logistics recruitment consultants in Wakefield, Lynn is the ideal person to speak to for high-volume, short-notice transport-sector requests. Starting with her first role (straight from school) in logistics recruitment, Lynn has provided thousands of class 1 and 2 drivers to businesses in West Yorkshire and worked hundreds of major key accounts. Lynn has nurtured client relationships spanning 30+ years! 

Contact Lynn if you’re ready to become her next satisfied client.

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