Asked Questions

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FAQs for Clients

  • How much does it cost to advertise with you?plus icon

    It doesn’t you a penny until the recruitment process is complete and the successful candidate has started their placement. We will invoice you on the day their employment commences, and the simple fee structure in our T&Cs is straightforward.

  • Do I get my money back if the Candidate leaves?plus icon

    We don’t like to boast, but it is very rare that we have a situation when a candidate doesn’t work out. However, we are only human, and these things do happen! So, we offer full peace of mind by having a 12-week rebate period in place. We also offer a free replacement should the candidate leave during their first 12 weeks.

  • If a temporary worker is unsuitable, do I still have to pay for them?plus icon

    Sometimes, a temporary worker isn’t suited to your business (although, again, we’re pleased to say this is a rarity!). So, there will be no charge if you advise us of their unsuitability within the first 4 hours of their assignment.

  • How do I know if you’ll represent my company correctly?plus icon

    We visit all our clients’ workplaces to ensure we have a full and thorough understanding of your business, your culture and the type of people you employ. It’s our duty to ensure that we portray you in the right way and, ultimately, match you with suitable candidates.

  • Can I work with more than one agency if I want to?plus icon

    Of course, you can! It’s completely your decision. We’re confident you won’t need to work with anyone else; we offer a reduced rate for exclusive opportunities.

FAQs for Candidates

  • How much will it cost for you to find me a job?plus icon

    It’s an age-old myth that recruitment agencies charge candidates. Our services to candidates are completely free of charge. We offer CV writing, career advice, interview preparation (and more), and we don’t charge you a penny!

  • Can I register with more than one agency at a time?plus icon

    Yes, absolutely, and we recommend you do so to ensure you’re getting your name out there. What we do ask is that you’re honest with both parties. Keep everyone informed of all your job activities, and there should be no issues in doing this.

  • Why should I register with Juice Personnel instead of just finding my own job?plus icon

    Juice Personnel is a reputable recruitment agency with over 60 years of combined professional experience among our consultants. Our in-depth market knowledge is second to none, and our links with local businesses cover the whole of West Yorkshire, giving us access to hundreds of available opportunities. We will fully manage your application and can offer advice, guidance, or a friendly chat should you need us to!

  • I’ve applied for a vacancy online. Does this mean you’ve sent my CV to your client?plus icon

    No, no and no! We pride ourselves on meeting every single candidate we work with. Any recruiters worth their salt will do the same! It’s our professional duty to ensure that we match the right people to the right business, and there is no way we can do this without meeting you first. We also NEVER send your details anywhere without getting your consent first.

  • I’ve sent my CV to you and haven’t heard anything. Why is this?plus icon

    We receive hundreds of CVs daily, so it’s physically impossible to reply to every candidate. We reach out to as many people as possible, but we state in our adverts that if we haven’t contacted you within 48 hours, you can assume your CV wasn’t shortlisted. If in doubt – pick up the phone. We’re always happy to talk about recruitment.