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Logistics is a 24-hour business. Managing the recruitment process in such a fast-paced industry is challenging for global enterprises and fresh startups alike.

We provide temporary and permanent staff for the industry, including REC-qualified drivers of all classes, with many reliable candidates on our books. But we do this slightly differently from other recruiters. To match the pace of your industry, we offer a 24-hour ‘out of hours’ recruitment service, where you can contact us any time of the day or night to request a driver, 365 days a year.

Alongside our 24/7, 365 support, we run a tight ship regarding payroll. Paying temporary drivers on time and in full can be a minefield with so many employees to cater for. Our dedicated payroll manager, James, ensures that over 100+ people are paid on time and in full every week of the year.  We’re proud of our reputation for receiving zero payroll queries, cutting down our clients’ headaches as a result.

We provide temporary and permanent staff, covering all logistics positions. Need a trained driver? We've got it covered...


When we supply you with a driver, rest assured we’re supplying the best. We monitor driving styles on a weekly basis and deliver training, support and guidance where beneficial to individual drivers. To complement this, annual driving assessments measure competency and safety. We manage the administrative details, too, keeping our drivers updated with hours, times, infringements notifications and recent legislation changes.


Central to your logistics operation, your drivers are critical to success. Whether you need Class 1, Class 2 drivers or otherwise, we can help supply them 24 hours a day. Our streamlined payroll process makes recruiting through us easy, saving you time and effort.


We help to recruit the best in the business. Whether that’s through our existing talent pool or through an executive search process, we can help to find the next logistics leaders for your business.


We understand the regional logistics landscape better than anyone else in our industry. Our REC-training recruiters are also CPC-trained, ensuring they are best placed to advise on roles within transportation and distribution. We supply candidates ranging from transport managers to delivery drivers.


The team behind your drivers is essential to operational success. Administrators, office managers, secretaries, assistants and juniors – we help to keep the wheels on your workflow by providing competent candidates.



When you partner with us, we’ll allocate an experienced commercial recruitment consultant to provide one-on-one support. Their experience in the industry and local knowledge will help you to get results quickly, saving valuable time. Even better, your consultant will be available on an ‘out of hours’ support service, where you can request drivers 24 hours a day. This service was developed by our logistics director, Lynn. With industry experience and client relationships spanning 30+ years, she understands every inch of logistics industry recruitment requirements.

Speak to Lynn and kieran, our logistics specialists, for more details...


Lynn Mortimer

One of the most experienced REC-qualified logistics recruitment consultants in Wakefield, Lynn is the ideal person to speak to for high-volume, short-notice transport-sector requests. Starting with her first role (straight from school) in logistics recruitment, Lynn has provided thousands of class 1 and 2 drivers to businesses in West Yorkshire and worked hundreds of major key accounts. Lynn has nurtured client relationships spanning 30+ years! 

Contact Lynn if you’re ready to become her next satisfied client.

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Kieran Brown

Your go-to guy for logistics recruitment. Kieran has over ten years of experience in the logistics recruitment industry. What Kieran doesn’t know about recruiting for logistics probably isn’t worth knowing, and his extensive book of recruitment contacts adds immediate value for clients. Kieran’s move into recruitment at eighteen was an unexpected twist in his career journey. Still, he soon found that delivering people, management and organisational skills with integrity was the perfect fit.

Contact Kieran if you’re looking for a quick, honest response to your recruitment query.

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