Since Terri joined our business back in 2021, it's been clear form the off-set that she has a natural talent for all things social media and has recently been investing her time in learning how to get the best out of the many different platforms in order to boostJuice Personnel's audience and reach.

Juice go social!

Terri is now our very own in-house social media expert.

Having a natural interest and a clear talent in all things creative, Terri proposed that she took on the role of being our own in-house Social Media expert and we thought......why not!
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We've always had a presence on Social Media but now it's time to take it to the next level

And what better person to do that than our very own Terri!

Since joining the business back in 2021, it's always been very apparent that Terri had a natural talent for creating social media content and a clear passion for doing it, so earlier this year, she came to us with a proposal to enhance her current role and take on the full responsibility for our business and become our 'go to' for social media.

Terri has now officially been appointed as our Social Media and Recruitment Manager and will be looking at ways to enhance our profile across a number of platforms, increasing our audience reach and connecting and engaging with local businesses.

We personally feel that an in-house approach is better - it's more of a personal approach with our content coming from our own staff, day to day and real life. What better content is there?

But don't worry! Terri will still be recruiting throughout her day to day role and will still be here to assist you all with your recruitment needs when needed.

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